Gitga’at Treaty

Gitga’at First Nation is early in the Treaty Negotiation process. We are at a stage of the BC Treaty Process called “Negotiation of the Agreement In Principle,” which is like a first draft of a Treaty – it can and will be changed in many ways before becoming a completed Treaty. The Gitga’at Agreement in Principle will be a good starting point to learn about and consider what a Treaty might mean for Gitga’at First Nation.

Treaties mean a lot of changes for First Nations, some obvious and some subtle. Under a Treaty, First Nations would have a different relationship with their own government, the governments of BC and Canada, and many other organizations. They will be able to make laws that they couldn’t before. The Laws that First Nations can make will be discussed in each chapter overview.

The AIP explained can be viewed on the website under “Our Treaty,” as well as appearing as a DOWNLOADABLE GUIDE. The guide introduces Gitga’at members to the Gitga’at AIP, including the topics that a Treaty covers, from forest resources to governance and fisheries to dispute resolution. The guide will support your learning and will hopefully contribute to an open community conversation about what a Treaty is, what it intends to accomplish and, most importantly, what it means to us.