Treaty Initiatives

Treaty Related Measures (TRM) – Land and Marine Areas of Interest 

First Nations in BC that are in the Treaty process are eligible to apply for a grant from the Government of Canada to support research and studies that help to advance their ability to participate in the Treaty process. Gitga’at First Nation received a TRM grant and the TRM project runs from April 2015 to March 2017.

The project provides resources for the Gitga’at Land and Resources and Treaty Departments to compile all existing data from Gitga’at First Nation, the governments of Canada and BC, and many other sources, including Universities, NGOs, and industry. This information can and will include traditional resource use, marine and land occupancy data, forest resources data, sub-surface resource data, geographic data, meteorological data, and information on areas of cultural importance.

All of the information gathered through dozens of sources and going back, in some cases, 100 years has been put into mapping programs which will then support Gitga’at land use and planning decisions. After the first batch of maps was produced, Evan Stewart, the Project Lead, led four community meetings to speak with community members and to refine and verify the data that had been compiled. With this information, Gitga’at First Nation Treaty will have a stronger sense of our Nation’s land and marine needs and values, grounding all negotiations in community engagement.

The TRM team includes Evan Stewart, (GIS Project Lead – on contract), Jessel Bolton (GIS technician trainee), Corbin Greening (Project Coordinator) and Chis Picard (Science Director) and Paul Paterson (Treaty) in support roles.