Top 5 Things The Treaty Team Is Working On.

1) Communications/Education:

On a day-to- day basis the term “Aboriginal Rights” does not come up very often. These rights are incredibly important to the Gitga’at First Nation as they provide the foundation for our leverage at the negotiating table. We are a resource for people to learn about what rights, title, and self determination are by empowerment through education.

2) Self Governance:

In general, self-determination can be considered our main goal on the treaty team.The treaty is a strong step to establish a platform for the exploration of self-determination. This goal does however exist regardless of negotiations. The concept of self-determination may hold different meanings to different individuals but the team is working towards giving our people authority over their decisions.

3)The TRM (Treaty Related Measures) Project:

Among other things, The project helps Gitga’at First Nation identify land and marine areas of special consideration so we can manage our territory better.

The TRM project will help develop a stronger sense of how Gitga’at use and manage the land. This project exists because Gitga’at Treaty identified a need and opportunity to work with the federal government which provided funding to develop the capacity to move forward in negotiations.

4) Shared Decision Making:

Right now, Fisheries and Oceans Canada makes the majority of the choices when it comes to things like managing salmon stocks, such as commercial openings. What we’re gunning for is a stronger recognition of what is ours and more input into the use of other resources. Treaty is muscling our way into the discussion in order to protect our aboriginal rights and to apply our knowledge for ourselves as well as the greater good.

5) Capacity building:

The treaty team is currently working to involve community members that show an interest and capacity in developing Gitga’at First Nation. We welcome contributions from people willing to share their knowledge, such as writing, sharing stories, or contributing pictures. We would also like to make sure our collective knowledge capacity is safe by developing an archive as an important element of data capacity building for the nation and our evidence in treaty negotiation.

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